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I am an astute design director with creative vision and the know-how to build brand value and distinction. A specialist in the discipline of persuasive marketing, I generate excitement about the businesses I work with, resulting in measurable gains in market share, mindshare, revenue, exposure, and brand equity. I am well versed in all aspects of the creative process – from conception through execution – with the strategic and tactical expertise to manage people, processes, and all phases of graphic production. I have forged a long track record of success, revitalizing brands, broadening their appeal, opening them to new markets, and increasing their value. The results have been stronger, more relevant, more profitable brands.

Those who know my work as a design director will tell you I strive to be a source of bold ideas, visionary talent, and fearless leadership. That I’m the type of “creative” who can actually transform business intelligence into informed strategy. That I know how to connect brands to their target audience – where they live, work, and play. That I have the versatility and the insight to leverage all media channels – print, electronic, social, and mobile – to position organizations for what’s next. Above all, that everything I bring to the table is rooted in the conviction that if you’re not standing out, you’re blending in.

– Joseph Kovach, President/Creative Director

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